30 Day Challenge

we believe in living our best life

We believe that's only possible by taking deliberate steps and using our time wisely. In other words, if we want to live our best life, we have to actually make it happen.

Our Story

It started out as a few friends wanting to achieve some personal goals, and realising a bit of accountability goes a long way. We each committed to achieving something in the next 30 days. The results were amazing, and the following month, more friends wanted to join in.

We all did different challenges - exercising, practising a language, reading 10 pages of a nonfiction book, meditating, practising an instrument, studying, writing, messaging a friend to say thank you, working on a project - whatever the goal, we each committed to doing something small every day. Every couple of days we checked in with each other to see how we were all doing (and provide encouragement when necessary).


The 30 Day Challenge

Fast forward to today, and now we're excited to share an open invite to all you amazing ladies out there, as well as your friends, to join us in making each day of our days really count in this endless, slow, fast, crazy life. 

So, what will you do by the end of the next 30 days? Unlike other challenges, you are free to choose your own challenge. So we encourage you to think - what are your personal goals? What do you want to do/be/have? What sort of person do you want to be? Ok, got it?

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up right here on the website. Then go and join the 30 Day Challenge private group on Facebook. (You need to sign up first in order to gain access to the group.)
  2. Choose something - a small action - you can do for the next 30 Day Challenge. It can be from your own goals, or from one of the suggestions in the 30 Day Challenge community.
  3. Post in the Facebook group what challenge you will be doing. (This is the accountability step. Own it.)
  4. Invite a friend to do it with you! This whole thing is about doing it together.
  5. We all begin Day 1 together.
    The dates for the next challenge are listed below, and the most up to date info is always shared in the Facebook group too.

Feb 1 2018

The next 30 Day Challenge starts:

  • 1st February
  • Next date to be announced

Will you join us?

We truly hope so.

Sign up on this page and then make sure you join the private group on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sort of challenge can I do?

The Rules

Anything - try picking something related to: your health, relationships, emotional well-being, hobbies, career upskilling or personal projects.

There are a couple rules:

  1. You can only do 1 challenge at a time. Save your other 10 ideas for later challenges! It has to be this way, trust us.
  2. The challenge must be 20 mins or less a day. You can spend more time on things if you like, but you aren't allowed to commit to more than that. This is to make sure the experience is enjoyable (we don't need more pressure) and flexible (you have kids, we get it).


Does it cost anything?

No. It's free to join. This is a community event, between friends.


How do I invite friends to participate with me?

Send them to our sign up page right here! Here's the URL: www.moderndaymamas.com/30daychallenge


Can I do it more than once?

Of course! In fact, most of us continue to keep doing the challenges. Once you've done it once, you'll see how addictive it is.


I did the challenge before, do I need to sign up to the next one?

You only have to sign up once. Your details will still be in the system and you should still have access to the Facebook group.


More questions?

Get in touch via our website, or simply ask your questions over on the group page (if you have a question, others might be wondering the same thing!).