apps + other awesome stuff

One of the awesome things about being a mama today is all the technology we have available to us. Here are some of the resources which can make life easier for us. I say, take advantage!

(P.S We aren't affiliated with any brands and do not make money from recommending anything. Hmm, maybe we should look into that. The money idea doesn't sound so bad...)


Feed Baby

This is a handy app for tracking everything baby-related. Feeds, pumps, nappies, medicines, foods, sleeps,  and more. It has super easy and amazing widgets - just click a button and it'll time your feed for you. Plus you can see everything displayed in timeline style, or pie charts, or other charts. It's as simple or as deep as you need. 


White Noise Baby

All types of white noise depending on what you and your baby prefer. Includes music and sounds. 


Feed Safe

Enjoy a glass of wine! I know you've earned it. Heck, we all have. And we can do it safely now, with this app that helps us monitor when we can next feed our baby after having alcohol. It helps calculate when the alcohol will be out of your milk and answers all your questions about drinking while breastfeeding.

This is an official Australian Breastfeeding Association app.


Save The Date to Vaccinate

Put in your child's date of birth and this app will let you know when your bub's due for his or her next vaccination. Set and forget. 

Note: Australian vaccination schedule only. This is an official NSW Ministry of Health app.


The Wonder Weeks - $1.99

A calendar that helps understand when baby is going through a 'wonder week' growth development period and how to help them through. (In other words, making sense of the 'what on earth is going on' weeks.)



Basically, a note-taking app. The most amazing note taking app ever. You can take pics, videos, voice recordings, web article clippings and just normal notes. It syncs across all your devices and computer. This app helps you stay organised and keep everything in one place. An essential for the busy mama!



Podcasts. Seriously, wow. We mamas are so lucky to be doing this in this day and age!

Basically podcasts are the new radio shows, downloaded direct to your device. Listen while bubba is sleeping, while you're exercising, or when you're just having *another* day at home. There's everything from comedians, to self-help gurus, to business, religious and all sorts of hobbies podcasts. You could even learn a language while you're feeding your baby breakfast each day. Hopefully, we'll have a Modern Day Mamas podcast one day too*!

*Most likely when this busy mama's kids are all in school. No doubt by then, there will be something new instead of podcasts. 



You can get modern audio books through your device's store. However, if you would like to listen to free audio books, there is a great app called LibriVox which has all the classic books read by volunteers. Use the ratings to find the best quality books. Great way to pass the time if you like to listen to something in the background, especially for those feeds in the early days when your baby takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to breastfeed.


What's your favourite app? Have an amazing online resource we've missed? Let us know!