Live Your Best Life

If you’re part of the Modern Day Mama community, you’ve probably been hearing us talk about the 30 Day Challenge, which is starting on 1st November 2017.

So, what exactly is the 30 Day Challenge?

A few months ago, some friends wanted to achieve some personal goals - things they were struggling to actually stick to, or start, or make time for. They realised a bit of accountability goes a long way, and maybe if they could focus on one thing for 30 days, they could make massive progress, instead of trying to do everything all the time. We each committed to achieving something in the next 30 days. The results were amazing - we had all actually achieved something we’d never been able to do before, all because of the focus, commitment and accountability of making one thing a priority and doing it together. The following month, more friends wanted to join in.

Daily habits are so important

We all did different challenges depending on our personal goals - exercising, practising a language, reading 10 pages of a nonfiction book, meditating, practising an instrument, studying, writing, messaging a different friend each day to say thank you, working on a project - whatever the goal, we each committed to doing something small every day. Every couple of days we checked in with each other to see how we were all doing (and provide encouragement when necessary).

We believe if we want to live our best life, we have to take steps and actually make it happen, not just hope it will happen by default. We all have goals and dreams - they may be related to your work, hobbies, personal growth, faith, relationships, finances or even your role as a mother. It might be something physical, like exercise, or emotional, like practicing gratitude and mindfulness every day. We are all different, and the 30 Day Challenge allows for our differences while helping us grow together.

We mamas need to put ourselves on our own to-do list

So we encourage you to think - what are your personal goals? What do you want to do/be/have? What sort of person do you want to be? If you have lots of ideas, write them down, and pick one that is realistic and the most appealing to begin with. We mean it - one thing only - next time you can do another thing from your list.


  1. Sign up right here on the website. Then go and join the 30 Day Challenge private group on Facebook. (You need to sign up first in order to gain access to the group.)
  2. Choose something - a small action - you can do for the next 30 Day Challenge. It can be from your own goals, or from one of the suggestions in the 30 Day Challenge community.
  3. Post in the Facebook group what challenge you will be doing. (This is the accountability step. Own it.)
  4. Invite a friend to do it with you! This whole thing is about doing it together.
  5. We all begin Day 1 together. The dates for the next challenge are listed below, and the most up to date info is always shared in the Facebook group too.