How to Know When You're Taking Too Many Photos for Social Media

how to know when you're taking too many photos for social media.jpg

It's hard not to want to take gorgeous photos of our little ones. But how do we know when we're taking it too far? Here's a 100% unbiased checklist. No judgement intended to anyone I'm following on social media (lol).

  1. If you're wearing matching outfits to your kids. (Note - if you must wear a matching outfit, say for Xmas or something, you don't need to share it online too. Prove it's really just for you by not posting it.) 
  2. If you put makeup on your kid for photos.
  3. If you have ever said, "that's a bad photo of you, do it again".
  4. If you spend more time taking photos of the memory than actually experiencing it.
  5. If 8/10 of the last photos on your feed are of your children.
  6. If your baby/kid is naked in the photos you are sharing online.
  7. If you regularly use props.
  8. If you don't take photos of your kids unless you're doing a photoshoot. (Or if everything is considered a potential photoshoot.)
  9. If your husband is actually sick of it.
  10. If you're buying outfits (or props) specifically to take photos and share them.

If you answered yes to any of these, then you've probably taken it too far. Trust me. Time to take a step back. Ban yourself from taking photos for a week and see how you feel.

"A week?!" you gasp.

"Yes, a week, and if that's hard then you probably have an addiction."

In fact, let's add that to the checklist.

       11. If you can't go a couple of days without taking a photo.

And let's end it on that note - if you have an addiction to taking photos, then this article is here for your mental and emotional wellbeing (as well as the wellbeing of those subscribed to your feed). You're welcome.

So, what would you put on your checklist? How do you know when you need a break from taking photos of your kids?