It's Not How Much You Do, But How Much You Love That Matters

It's not how much you do, but how much you love that matters

There's so much pressure on parents these days to be doing so much stuff for our kids.

Instead of a basic lunch box snack, we have to give our kids home-made, gluten-free, sugar-free, organic snacks made from locally-sourced produce (unless they're superfoods from the mountain peaks of Peru).

Instead of making sure our kids are warm enough or protected from the sun, we have to make sure they're wearing super stylish designer original coats, shoes and hats (bonus points if they're bought from a boutique Facebook or Etsy store). 

Instead of letting our babies bang on pots and pans, or listen to a music CD, we have to take them to specialty music-for-baby classes.

Instead of bringing a packet of Tim Tams to mothers' group, we have to bring a homemade hummus with organic vegie sticks.

And instead of focusing on whether or not our baby is fed and asleep, we worry about whether our kids are breast or bottle fed, or whether they cosleep or sleep independently.

Rules of the modern bake sale (from the movie Bad Moms)

Rules of the modern bake sale (from the movie Bad Moms)

No matter what stage of parenting we're in, there are so many pressures to be doing more and more stuff for our kids.

But if we think back to our own childhoods, what are some of our favourite memories? Do you remember all the activities, or the times one-on-one with your parents, or the games you played with your siblings and friends? Was it the exploring and tree climbing, or the dance lessons?

It's not that there's anything wrong with trying to do the right things, but it's important to keep perspective. 

In the end, what our kids will remember about us are the good times we spent together and the way we loved one another.

In the end, what really matters is how much we love our kids, not how much we do for them.


What are some of your favourite childhood memories with your parents?