Fathers Day Isn’t About Beer, Sports or Cars

fathers day gifts

If you go to the shops and look through the Fathers Day gift range, you’ll be bombarded with tacky gifts. Apparently, every man likes fishing, cars, drinking, farting and BBQs - and that’s about all he’s good for too. The gifts we give at Fathers Day are in complete contrast to the mothers day gifts, and I think it shows that dads aren’t taken seriously by our society in their role as fathers.

Here are a few cards on sale at one of my local shops, Typo. 

Dad's are worth so much more.

Scientific research shows that an involved father greatly influences the long-term well being and outcomes of his children. Also, dads who are supportive and have a good relationship with the mother make a huge difference for both the mother and the kids. Even more research suggests that the unique ways dads parent their kids (e.g. ‘rough and tumble play’) are extremely beneficial for children’s development.

A father’s involvement with his child, right from birth, is vitally important to the development of a child’s brain and emotional stability.
— Richard Fletcher, The Dad Factor

If we think about all our guys do for their families, reducing it to a ‘world’s worst mum award’ is something we should be ashamed of. Of course, the humour aspect is fine, and a bit of fun is a great reflection on dads’ roles with their kids too, but let’s not leave it there - we should also be showing dads how much we value them.

The truth is, good fathers are invaluable in our society. Their impact changes lives.

dads aren't babysitters

Let’s acknowledge that dads have an equal and important role in parenting. They aren’t babysitters. They’re fathers. There is nothing like a dad. And it’s time we started being more active in choosing the way we as a society talk about dads.

Personally, I could not have gotten through a single day of parenting without my dedicated husband. Every day I see the way his little girl loves him more and more. The way he is with her, and with me, has left me speechless many times.

So let’s use this Fathers Day to make sure our dads (and hubbies) know just how much they mean to us, and how much we value what they do.

And I’d also like to say Happy Fathers Day to my hubby, my own dad, and my father-in-law. The three best dads on the planet. Your love has changed our world. xoxo