Dear Mama, What You Do Is Important

importance of motherhood

Finish this sentence:

“My job as a mother is ___________ .”

What’s the first phrase that came to mind? 

Hard work?

I recently saw the movie Moms’ Night Out (which came out in 2014, but that’s pretty much how my life works now). It’s about a couple of stressed out mamas who try to have a night off while the dads stay home with the kids. It’s funny and amidst the crazy story line, it’s got some beautifully accurate moments. One of the moments that really impacted me was the following conversation:

Moms Night Out quote

Dad: Hon, your job…
Mum: Is hard. Yes, I know. That’s what you were gonna say, right?
Dad: No.
Mum: Uh, or easy, easy, maybe? Or unnecessary? Sorry for interrupting. Just, what?
Dad: Important. That’s what I was gonna say. Your job is important.

Moment! Anyone else reaching for a tissue?!

Your job is important. Because, the reality is, what we do with our kids really does matter. The sort of people we raise matters - they become the adults of tomorrow who influence society (for better or worse).

Every hug counts

I’ve been doing some study into how mothers influence a baby’s brain development from pregnancy through to the first two years of life. Did you know even the way we interact with our babies affects the way their brain develops and the sort of people they will become? The more I learn, the more I realise how incredibly important a primary care giver’s role is. Every time we hug our baby, or respond to his cry, or feed her nutritious food, we are doing something so important. We are building our baby’s brains and helping them develop ways to perceive and cope with the world around them - things which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We are shaping the people our children will become.

Mamas, your job is many things, but I hope you know first and foremost that your job is important. 

Mama, your job is important