Want to Write for Our Blog?

Want to Write for Our Blog

I'm looking for any mums interested in writing for the Modern Day Mamas blog. You all have so much to share and I know we'd love to hear from a wider range of mums, especially:

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  • Mums who go to work (I know, I know, being a mum is a job. I'm talking about paid work though!).
  • Mums with school aged kids.
  • Also, any professionals who would be interested in sharing some tips and advice with our modern mum community.
  • (If you don't fit into those categories, I'd still love to hear from you of course!)

We welcome blogs in the following categories:

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Surviving the first three months
  • Working mums
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Mindfulness
  • Empowering mums
  • Pregnancy (this will be a new section)

I'm looking for mums who can write honest posts, which empower and inspire mums, and help them feel connected to other mums. Please note, we deliberately focus on the mum, not on what to/how tos for the baby/kids.

This is new for me too, as I'm looking to start growing the Modern Day Mama community, so the way it works will be quite flexible and we can work it out as we go. If you're interested at all, send me an email.



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