10 Minutes a Day for Yourself...What Would You Do?

It's that time again - our 30 Day Challenge begins 1 Feb 2018!

With so many other challenges out there putting pressure on us be a different, better person (e.g. "you need to have a bikini body!"), we wanted to try something a little different: A challenge you set for yourself, based on what matters most to you. While other challenges tell us what an ideal mother and woman should be, here at Modern Day Mamas we think every woman should choose for herself what sort of person she wants to be. What would make you happy? 

So instead of us telling you what to do, we want you to tell us what you're going to do for the next 30 days. Not sure what to do? Here are some examples to get you thinking:


  • Send a txt once a day to tell a friend that you value their friendship
  • Spend 10 mins each day chatting to your partner about something he loves (hobby, sport, dreams, ideas, work etc)
  • Do something just for the fun of it every day, with no screens/devices (with your partner or children)
  • Do something each day to tell the people in your life that you love them


  • Spend 10 mins each day learning something you've always been interested in (e.g. a language or a skill, or just something you've wanted to know more about)
  • 10 mins drawing/colouring each day
  • Read for 10 mins every night before bed
  • Spend time every day doing a hobby you used to love (e.g. piano, guitar, painting, practising sport)
  • Work on a side hustle project for at least 10 mins each day
  • Spend time each day completing those house jobs you've never gotten to (e.g. the baby book, photo albums, decluttering, painting that door)
  • Play cards or a board game every night after dinner/before bed


  • Relax - spend time each evening doing something relaxing
  • Read or say daily affirmations when you get up in the morning
  • Meditate for 10 mins
  • Go for a walk each day
  • Stretch for 10 mins before bed
  • Drink an extra glass of water each day
  • Eat five veggies every day
  • Have a healthy smoothie/juice each day

Well I hope these have sparked some excitement - the challenge now will be to just pick one!! We'd love to have you join us - here's where you can find more info and sign up for the 30 Day Challenge.

See you Feb 1! 

P.S make sure you get a friend to sign up and do it with you too. We all need a little time for ourselves, and doing it alongside friends keeps us accountable.