Unique and Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts for 2018

Unique and thoughtful baby shower gifts 2018

As you all know, I am not a big fan of expensive, brand name must-have  lists. I find it frustrating looking for baby showers gift ideas online, as it is so hard to find ideas that are unique, thoughtful, useful, and inexpensive. So I’ve decided to put one together for you. Here are my best unique ideas for the beautiful babies to be born in 2018/19.

  1. A hand/foot print kit. 
  2. Wine.
  3. Other edible gift ideas: pregnancy or breastfeeding teas (lots of tea shops have these now), mum’s favourite chocolate** (to be opened after baby is born), 
  4. Voucher to mama’s favourite cafe (enough for a breakfast out, or a week or two's worth of takeaway coffees).
  5. A photo book with all your family members in it (for the baby). If that’s a bit tricky, how about a voucher so mum can order a photo book when baby is born of all those sweet newborn pictures?
  6. Rise and Shine - “the book every new mum needs to read”. This heartfelt, sweet and encouraging book is a breath of fresh air for mums trying to survive the ups and downs of baby's first year. And I wrote it :) 
  7. Organic baby skincare range. Things to include could be a gentle and natural shampoo, body wash or soap, skin lotion, toothpaste (for when bub’s older), sunscreen and mozzie repellent. Check the use by dates for items the baby won’t need until he/she is older. 
  8. A beautiful doll or teddy - simple.
  9. A heat pack for mum (she can use this in pregnancy and afterwards), or cooling pads for the sore early days of breastfeeding.
  10. A sweet night light, preferably small. Salt lamps make great soft, natural lights and also have the bonus effect of minimising dust, germs and harmful electronic signals in the air*. 
  11. Bibs and burp cloths (bonus points if they are home made).
  12. Essential oils - lavender and eucalyptus (perhaps with a note on how to use them). Combine with a small oil diffuser or vaporiser to make a great gift. 
  13. A board book for the baby.
  14. A keepsake memory book or notebook for mum to fill in.
  15. A charm (if mum wears charm bangles etc).
  16. An audio book subscription, for listening to when mum’s hands are full, she’s walking with the pram, stuck sitting on the lounge for hours, waiting in the car for baby to wake up, etc.
  17. A massage voucher if mum likes massages. Choose a place which does massages for pregnancy in case she wants to use it early. 
  18. A mani/pedi voucher. Mama will definitely use this before bub is born! And on the same thought, if you have a bigger budget, a voucher to get her hair done at her favourite salon.
  19. A crash and water-proof phone case (if mum doesn’t have one already). It takes a bit of practise before we mums get good at doing things with one hand. 
  20. A lullaby CD for the car. 
  21. (This doesn’t really count as an idea, but needs to be said anyway.) Ask the mum-to-be, as she will probably have a list of things she needs!

Ideas of what to avoid:

  • Clunky plastic toys (opt for wooden and BPA free toys instead)
  • Toys with a thousand bells and whistles, tags, colours, patterns etc. For babies, simple is best. 
  • Clothes and blankets that don’t match the season
  • Baby powder

Ideas for homemade or personalised gifts:

  • A map of your local area with every drive-through coffee place circled. Alternatively, highlight walking tracks which are suitable for prams.
  • Personalised bibs and burp cloths. Sew your own, or buy a bunch of blank ones and use fabric paint to personalise.
  • Photo books with large pictures of family members (this is even better if family members don’t live locally).
  • A letter for baby to open when he/she is 18. 
  • Baby blankets. If the baby will be born in warmer months, then make a blanket for baby to lie on the floor, rather than to be wrapped in.
  • A sensory board or play gym.
  • If the parents are sports fans, a personalised kids’ jersey of their favourite team, or some other baby sports items. Same goes for musical parents (how about a baby piano lullaby CD, or a toy guitar). Hobby-loving parents are easy!


What ideas would you add to the list? If you’re expecting, what would you like to see on the list? If you’re a mama, what was your favourite baby shower gift?


*according to some sources
**a few jars of Nutella was the perfect gift for me.