My Mother's Day Hopes for You

My Mother's Day Hopes for You

This will be simple and short, because there really are no words to say what needs to be said for every mother on Mother's Day. So instead, this Mother's Day:

I hope you know every little thing you do matters.

I hope you know how much your laughter brightens the room.

I hope you know every sacrifice is an investment, not a loss.

I hope you know that one day when they are old enough to really say 'thank you', they will mean every ounce of it.

I hope you know when they do, you'll finally be ready to say 'thank you' to them instead.

I hope you know you're the most important person in their whole world. 

I hope you know they will have the most wonderful memories of you, and you won't be able to pick which random moments they'll be.

I hope you know they are here because of you.

I hope you know you are the sun of their day.

I hope you know every meal you made, every outfit you chose, every nappy you changed, every 'what's the magic word?' you reinforced, every band-aid you applied, every sing-along-song you joined in on, and every push of that stroller have helped shape your child's view of the world.

I hope you are proud of what you've achieved.

And I hope you never forget it.

Happy Mother's Day.