I'm on Maternity Leave (It's a Boy!)

Maternity Leave

Hi everyone!

I’m super excited to announce the birth of baby no 2 (who shall remain anonymous!). He was 9lb9oz, and 56cm long! It’s a bit generic to say we are all smitten with him, but it’s true! I am sure I am absolutely the most smitten with him, my gorgeous baby boy. My toddler likes him but was disappointed he wasn’t as manageable as her baby dolls.

It’s fair to say I am gaining plenty of experiences for new blog articles to share in the near future. However, I am currently taking a short break to adjust to life with 2 kids. So, for now, I hope you enjoy reading through some of our gold mine of past articles.

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Now, back to the (neverending) washing…

Talk soon!


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