The Joy of Less

The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize and Simplify

By Francine Jay

This book is the breathe of fresh air we need in our busy, cluttered, fast-paced, overfull lives! 

I told my husband I was reading this book.

“I’m loving it so much, I’m getting so many ideas. Everywhere I look I can see potential to use the tips from the book," I said.

“I was afraid of that,” he replied (with a manly version of sigh). “So what are you going to get rid of then?”

First mistake! This is not just a book about getting rid of stuff. It is so, so much better than that. Minimalism isn't just about decluttering.

The next thing I hear mamas saying is, “I have kids. Minimalism is a joke for me.”

I hear you, I do, I thought the same thing. Here’s the truth though, if you have kids, this book is even better for you. The tips in this book will be life-changing. It’s not about being an artsy minimalist, it’s not about having no mess or stuff. It’s about having space in your life.


Who doesn’t want more space in their life? Whether in our schedules or our cupboards, we all want more space. 

So what is the book about then? 

  • Attitudes and mindsets of our modern culture and society, and how to change those to have habits, attitudes and mindsets that really benefit our families and homes. 
  • Practical tips and tricks for creating more space in your home.
  • Practical tips and tricks for keeping space in your home, even if you have kids.
  • And more.

Now you have permission to take the tips in this book as slowly as you like - obviously, we don’t yet have the ‘space’ in our lives to drop and everything and declutter like mad women. Keep notes, and take it as slowly as you like. Each little step we take, is a step towards living a more spacious, joyful life. 



You can find out more about the author at her website, Miss Minimalist.

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