"The book all new mums need to read."

Rise and Shine book

rise and Shine

101 days of inspiration for new mothers

Do you ever wish you could wake up each day full of energy and joy, ready to be the best mother and woman you can be?

It's time to shine.

The first year as a new mum is full of challenges. This book is here to inspire, encourage, strengthen and empower you through the unique ups and downs of your baby's first year.

Do you:
•Love the idea of meditating, mindfulness and daily gratitude?
•Want to grow and become a better version of yourself every day?
•Have dreams, aspirations and hobbies outside of being a mum?
•Want to start each day refreshed and full of energy?
•Want to make the most of this unique time in your life?

Rise and Shine is an honest and heart-warming book to inspire, encourage, challenge and empower mothers in their first year of motherhood. 

This book includes:

•Uplifting and empowering topics of focus for any mum in her first year of motherhood.
•101 days of inspiration, motivation, challenges and focuses.
•Stories all mums can relate to.
•Empowering and memorable quotes.
•Short (and sweet) chapters, so it fits into your life.
•Read as little as a page a day with your morning cup of coffee.

What sort of topics are covered?
Rise and Shine includes 101 topics, covering everything from realistically pursuing professional and personal dreams, and persevering through tough times and the change in lifestyle when a modern woman becomes a mother, to building strong family values in the home, experiencing community in this day and age, practicing daily gratitude and mindfulness, and more.

What people are saying:
"Every new mother should read this book."
"The ultimate baby shower gift."
"Honest, warm and encouraging."
"My new daily dose!"

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